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Jack picked me up late Saturday and we drove down and checked into our accomodations.

Sunday we were up early to beat other anglers to where we wanted to fish, and to catch early morning crawlers if possible Jack and I pulled up to our first spot hoping to catch a couple of slot fish for dinner that night.

I tried coaxing with crab flies, seducing with spoon flies and a number of other things to get their attention, but was just unable to present anything into their sight window while they kept their heads down in the thick aquatic vegetation I finally decided to stop trying to "show" them a fly, and to let them hear it instead.It was obvious by the number of fish we were seeing that switching after every fish would be making entirely too much work for both of us, climbing up and down the platform, so we decided to fish after every 2 fish, then we decided to switch after every 3rd.We moved around the pond, and as we moved to slightly deeper water we found larger schools of somewhat better fish.Redfish on topwater is always an exciting game when the fish are willing to play.Because of their under slung "inferior" mouth, redfish practically have to come completely out of the water to eat a topwater offering.

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