Aboriginal dating

The tool industry was named the Kartan, after the name for the island among the mainland Ramindjeri tribe.Most of the Kartan tools have been found in ploughed fields where they have been brought to the surface by the ploughs.Kartan tool industry The Kartan industry is characterised by the massiveness of its core tools.The dominant implements are hammer-stones and pebble choppers.The second option requires the possession of more suitable watercraft than was possessed by the Aboriginal People of the adjacent mainland in historic times.

Fieldwork in the early 1930s near Murray's Lagoon, a land-locked freshwater lake, revealed some hammer stones and some massive pebble implements.Some of these sites contain small shell middens associated with flakes that have been dated to 6,000 years ago.Some inland stratified camp sites, such as Rowell's Site, dated to 5,200 years ago and Sand Quarry Site, dated to 4,300 years ago, contained small flints and scrapers.The spirits of the dead of a number of tribes were believed to follow his track to the afterlife in the sky. On the island there is plenty of evidence of occupation in prehistoric times.It is separated from South Australia by Backstairs Passage.

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