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Options and services vary with the needs and willingness of the adult but can include: arranging for medical care, coordination with law enforcement and other agencies, assistance finding alternative living arrangements, financial management services and referrals, homemaker and housekeeper services within specified limits, crisis interventions such as restraining orders and long term legal interventions such as guardianship and protective placement.

Booklet contains tips, steps, tools and helpful websites that can be utilized when going through the hiring process to ensure the safety of the care recipient.Donated items are cleaned and refurbished and loaned when available.If an item is not available, we can suggest other loan closet options in the area.Call the ADRC at 262-605-6646 for further information and a qualifying screen.The ADRC maintains a loan closet of durable medical equipment.

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    All of these processes are carefully controlled at ORAU through our quality management system.