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Review Christian Cameron, Marathon: Freedom or Death (2011), about the Battle of Marathon in 490 B.C., which pitted the Greeks against the invading Persians; #2 in the Long War series.

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Henry Bauchau, Oedipus on the Road (1990 in the original French; first English edition 1997), about Oedipus during his years of wandering, the period Sophocles left out of his plays.

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Modern archaeologists, excavating deeper, have found a series of cities built on top of each other, including a walled city which appears to have been destroyed by war, whose date corresponds to that of ancient Troy. C., is another civilization we have come to know from both legend and archaeology.

The strange tale of the Minotaur, half-man, half-bull, seemed mere fantasy until the the bull-dancers painted on the walls of the Palace at Knossos suggested the vein of truth behind the legend. D., who had access to sources now lost, provide the historical basis for a variety of superb novels.

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