Courtship and dating catholic

If you are looking for the prospect of purity (especially renewed purity), marriage, and a family, and to counteract the modern culture’s relentless toxicity, please read this book!

At just under 200 pages and able to be read for only a few minutes a day over the course of a little over a month, it is a good choice for many readers, perhaps particularly during the period between the summer months and the approaching academic year for college students.

In December 2016, the Cotters’ quickly-popular book, , was released jointly by Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute.

The following are some reasons why you should read this book, whether you are preparing for marriage yourself or you know someone who is.

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It’s for anyone who, after a hookup or breakup, has thought, ‘That wasn’t right, that’s not what I really wanted – there must be something more. But getting to that ‘more’ requires a willingness to take a journey – a journey from where you are to where you hope to be.” (page 4) Justin, his wife Bernadette, and their three children (John-Paul, Mary Christine, and Thérèse) live in Bowie, Maryland.

has received the acclaim of prominent voices with expertise in how to combat our hedonistic, pornographic, and otherwise self-indulgent culture.

Leading figures dedicated to furthering the Church’s teachings on chastity, marriage, and the family, including Jason and Crystalina Evert, Matt Fradd, Fr. These prominent Catholic voices excel at not merely transmitting the faith element inherent to the need to restore chastity in the broader culture as a reflection of the Gospel, but likewise to identifying the sociological elements that those of all faiths can appreciate regarding the necessity of strengthening society, beginning with the institution of marriage and the family.

Our modern culture would have you think that chastity is impossible – that we are little more than roving beasts of animalistic impulse, incapable of saving sex for marriage, or of abstaining from further sex once already in a sexually active relationship, or even of fidelity within marriage.

Ideally obvious terms such as (other than when such designations are used pejoratively), rarely enter into the parlance of the broader culture.

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