Dating lupus

The pain is so intense that I momentarily forget about the fresh 2-inch incision across my throat. Confessions of a congressman: 9 secrets from the inside Lupus is comorbid with many other ailments, including thyroid nodules, which can become cancerous.

I have lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes my body to mistake its own cells and proteins for invaders (like viruses). In most cases, surgically removing the nodules eventually becomes necessary.

I'm standing in the kitchen, doubled over, using the back of a dining chair for support.

There's a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen that feels like hot iron rods.

For reasons still mysterious to the medical community, they can keep lupus from progressing into a life-threatening illness. I had to face the antimalarial pills with nothing cushioning my stomach but some cottage cheese. I'm 27 years old, and I'm facing a lifetime of sickness.

The last time I actually felt good was about a decade ago. But by the time we were performing our final show, I was so sick I should have been in the hospital.

It wasn't necessary for me to go undiagnosed for so long.

And my doctors certainly didn't need to make me feel like I was crazy.

Lupus causes your immune system to react to your own cells the way some bodies react to an allergen.

Almost all allergies are caused by immune system confusion and overreaction — peanuts are not actually a life-threatening invader — but in most cases, the trigger can be avoided. Your doctor can give you an alternative to penicillin. With an autoimmune disease, the body produces an inflammatory defense response to itself, much the same way that a person with dermal sensitivities might break out in hives if she touches alfalfa hay.

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