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I was presented with members constantly along the right side of the screen, each time I clicked, showing me who was available right now for chat or a video call.

I had no problem finding members to speak with in live-time, although for the most part the communication was slow, likely because of the translation required.

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Signing up is quick and easy, taking only a few seconds to plug in your name, email address and password, or through Facebook.

You’re immediately welcomed with an Inbox message, along with a bevy of lovely ladies’ profiles.

The site has few ads, other than for you to purchase credits, which are plentiful and in your face at every click.

Still, the site is inviting, and really easy to maneuver around.

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    Perhaps they anticipate—expect, even—that not everyone will install the certificate (and certainly not the people whom they most wish to intercept communications from).

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    There are more than 300 partnering financial institutions in their network, so you can maximize your chances of qualifying.

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    Your online profile gives you an opportunity to express yourself, what you’re all about and what you’re looking for.

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