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The premise — entitled sisters forced to work at their dad’s dairy company’s factory — is basically just a knock off of The Simple Life, without the very specific appeal of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.The transformation from entitled brats to hardworking young women isn’t explored with any amount of nuance, and the girl power message seems forced.The in-line skating turf wars film Brink may be the most beloved DCOM, but is it actually feminist? This was the last alpha male DCOM sports movie before Rip Girls started the era of the girl power sports flick. The movie’s creators were aiming for the classic rom-com setup, in which the smart, overlooked girl doesn’t fall for the guy who everyone wants, so then obviously he falls in love with her.But the girl, Jessica Olson, is really just mean here!To be fair, that is kind of the way the world works when you’re a rich, white man, but not something the next generation needs to know.

Also worrisome: Christopher Wilde’s mom is a caricature of a “bitchy businesswoman.” By the end of the movie, we were left hoping that Christopher Wilde would just return to Hollywood to find someone to be nice to him and finally escape the paparazzi.It would be unfitting if this canine-centric film with a single-star rating on Netflix was Sharpay’s fabulous feminist awakening. We wish there were a DCOM about Ryan’s coming-out process in college, but until then, this is somewhat tolerable.If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s because this movie was taken out of the Disney Channel rotation after it came out for being so scary.Rewatching this movie now, we find ourselves identifying with the parents, instead of with protagonist Jamie.As two people who frequently have pregnancy stress dreams, having quintuplets sounds like a nightmare.

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