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But after watching the first two episodes, I will have to revise my expectations. I feel like the writer does not have even a basic idea of the working of the legal system and doesn't care to find out either.

So the drama comes off as the same old predictable assemble of tropes albeit in the pretense of a different dressing. i wasn't expecting much anyway, I've seen too many legal dramas this year (my favs of course are Suspicious Partner and Defendants) so i was getting tired of the trend.

At the proposed time of the poem's composition (roughly 700 ) the Anglo-Saxons had only migrated to England a few hundred years before; the connection between the Anglo-Saxons, the Danes, and the Geats was still quite strong, and the poem is in some sense an attempt to reconcile the cultures of these different Germanic peoples.

The poem is a work of fiction, but it mentions an historic event, the raid by King Hygelac into Frisia, ca 516.

I hope he has no role in helping his dad or whoever hide the crime...

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And the actress who was his mother in marriage not dating is also in this show playing a law professor.Judge Lee Jung-Joo (Park Eun-Bin) presides at the Seoul District Court.She sometimes swears at shameless defendants with unspeakable words.The characters could just as easily have been prosecutors, lawyers, or any other court staff. i think i'll keep watching, it's so funny I'm so excited to watch this drama.I've been a fan of Eun Bin ever since I saw her in Legend with Yoo Seung Ho.

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