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Not long ago, one of my friends and I sat in a cute, small bar on Manhattan's Lower East Side, exchanging stories and tips about dating in New York City.

It was a true girls' night out, complete with concert tickets to see one of my favorite musicians, Kristin Hersh, performing with the Throwing Muses.

Narrow down your options with their wonderful personality matching system.

On each member’s profile, you can see their dietary preferences and VEGAN is in fact an option.

I didn't make a conscious decision to only date vegans or vegetarians, but I committed to respecting my own feelings when it came to the diet of the person I was with.

I was subscribed to one online dating site, with mixed feelings.

All of the singles on this site are ready and willing to talk about how they are making an environmental difference on this world and in their lives..

Even though this is a niche dating site with a much smaller singles pool than one of the top dating sites, you don’t have to filter through millions of individuals trying to find someone with a similar life path to you.

If you would consider yourself a Vegan Expert and you know a lot about what Veganism does for your body and for the world, then you would most likely be interested in seriously dating someone who has Vegan experience just like you. has a huge pool of singles to choose from, and best of all you get to message them for FREE as much as you would like and get to know them a bit before you commit to any serious dates.

I was not going to hide my vegan lifestyle, and I was going pay attention to whether or not I was comfortable dating those who consumed animal products. If love is about being true to one's heart, wouldn't that include being true to one's love for animals?

The question for me changed from whether or not someone could love me when I didn't eat animals, to whether or not I could love someone who did.

Cut through all the uninteresting people and get straight to connecting with the ones you want.

Crunchy-Granola Type Vegans or more “Hippie” Vegans are extremely concerned with the world and what’s going on, promoting peace, a healthy diet and genuine human interactions.

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