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The beauty of the world and the awesome completeness of the universe remind us every day that God is over everything controlling His creations. It is through faith that we are convinced of the immortality and integrity of the soul of man and the potential of the individual to attain perfection.

Students meet here to study, plan, or bask in the sun beneath the only ivy covered walls on the campus. 14 he eternal search for truth This was the campus we knew, with its sloping green lawns of summer and its enveloping white snow of winter. Utah sunsets fanned over the sky behind the classical Greek lines of the Maeser Building and reflected from the modernistic glass front of the Science Center. k .-« ATTENTIVE, Stephen Sorensen receives advice from Harry Hodson. SENIOR COURT justice was mefed oi to frosh who didn't obey week's law CLEANING THE Y was required of male freshmen, who were given a secret ley- word to free them from frigid dunking.

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