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AU) After being forced time and time again by Raven to get fit and healthy, Charles finally decides to let her drag him to the gym, albeit grudgingly. AU |Rom Com) Charles finds his values compromised at book club by Sex on a Stick in a Turtleneck, aka Erik.

The tall and gorgeous personal trainer by the name of Erik, however, might just coerce him to become a regular. Ambulance Angel - kageillusionz (PG-13 |Non-Powered |Hospital!

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For cardiothoracic surgeon Charles Xavier, a fatal error leaves him standing at a crossroads ... Due to his incisive autopsy reports, he has gotten more surgeons fired in two years than any other pathologist has managed over an entire career.It only takes a little longer for him to realize his killer is, as you are - scarlettblush Hospital AU.The one where Charles unknowingly woos a coma patient with Pride and Prejudice. Curve Fitting - kianspo The weird thing is, Charles always introduces Raven as his sister, but he never calls Erik his brother.D and emergency consultant at the Royal London Hospital. One day, his colleague Alex challenges Erik, claiming that he'll not be able to get into Charles' pants.Friday, I'm in Love - lachatblanche (PG-13 |Non-Powered |Bar! One night he seduces Charles and they have hot, glorious sex. AU |WIP) Erik Lehnsherr is one of the best homicide detectives in New York.

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