Non jew dating a jewish man

Promising to return with payment, he gave her his signet ring and staff as collateral.

Yet when he returned to pay her, the woman he sought was nowhere to be found, and nobody had heard of her.

We are a nation of many names: Israel, Jacob, Ephraim, to name a few.

Why does it seem that the name "Jew" sticks the most? The words Jew (Yehudi in Hebrew) and Judaism (Yahadut) come from the name Judah, or Yehuda as it is pronounced in Hebrew.

The honesty and the courage to be modeh is the hallmark of a king.

On a deeper level, King David lived in a constant state of hodaa, thanksgiving and admission that whatever he had was not his own.

Some time later, it became evident that Tamar, who was a member of his household, was pregnant.

Yehuda was outraged at her obvious promiscuity and publicly challenged her.

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He soon discovered he had no money to pay her wages.

She declared that the owner of the staff and signet ring she held was the father – a message only Yehuda could understand.

Shocked with the sudden revelation of the identity of the woman he had met, Yehuda could have let Tamar meet her demise, together with her secret.

Instead, he chose to publicly admit that she was correct, and that he was the father, and that she was correct in so tempting him since he had refused to marry her to Sheila.

One can only imagine the courage it must have taken to confess that mistake, and the embarrassment that ensued.

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