Portuguese dating customs

The number of separations, formerly the main method of ending a marriage, fell from 670 in 1975 to 70 in 1980 but climbed to 195 in 1989.

Illegitimacy was no longer to be mentioned in official documents because it was regarded as discriminatory; the frequency of births out of wedlock rose from 7.2 percent to 14.5 percent between 19.

Upper- and middle-class families corresponded most closely to the ideal.

Women remained at home tending the children and rarely ventured out unaccompanied, while husbands managed their businesses or followed their professions.

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Middle-class families often had status and prestige considerations in mind when they married.Until the constitution of 1976 was promulgated, the father was seen as the head of the family, and his wife and children were obliged to recognize his authority.He, in turn, was obliged by law to support and protect his family.While the men worked outside the home, women were expected to care for the children and manage household affairs.Marriage was considered permanent; divorce was virtually unknown.

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