Pua online dating first contact

I’m gonna post 20 random photos of some PUA friends of mines [with their consent], just to illustrate the type of photos which will attract women [due to the automatic built-in attraction switches from the photos]. Firstly, a serious-faced photo is usually the kiss of death when it comes to attracting women online.But it depends on how you pull it off: are you coming off as a night-stalking serial killer, or a dominant-cool Alpha who just doesn’t smile much?Coupled with the fact that girls online are lonely as shit, which is why they’re on online-dating sites to begin with.Now the average guy, because he’s so stupid when it comes to courtship and dating, he actually thinks that having such photo as his dating profile would be a huge turnoff for women. The Anthony Weiner style self-shot-mirror pictures should totally be avoided like the fucking plague!As all PUA’s would advise you: avoid using shirt-less mirror photos as your main-online-dating profile picture.

So Daymus PUA (of Mexico) solidifies this perception in women who are viewing his profile that he is safe, has social proof and is socially accepted.

Not only are they lame and generic, but they come across as vain and narcissistic, and make you look like that guy who has nothing but abs going for himself…nothing else.

On top of that, such photos are so commonplace that there’s no appeal of originality associated with half-naked-mirror shot photos.

I figured it’d make more sense to write an article on this topic where all my readers would benefit (including Greg).

I also wanted to give some pointers when it comes to profile photos, especially for guys who are having a bumpy ride traversing the online-dating world.

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