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However, we still have a lot of work to do in the modern dating arena, where dismissive judgments and rejections are commonplace.

Luckily for Hepler, keeping a positive outlook, perseverance, and putting herself out there has paid off.

The real story is that Hepler was in a terrible car accident at the age of ten, and her arm was amputated as a result of her injuries.

She had more difficulty with her classmates upon her return to school post-accident than she did cultivating new relationships.

When the hosts inquired how he picked up on that detail, he replied, “Well, she only had one arm,” and the search over the airwaves for “One-armed Sarah” began.

A good sport who enjoys a laugh, Hepler called the radio station and agreed to meet the gentleman again, but only as a friend.

Hepler has had more success meeting people in person and attributes this to her personality.

He sent her a great initial message, and she discovered they shared common interests and a similar sense of humor.

” With an extremely positive attitude and great sense of humor, thirty-five-year-old Hepler has enjoyed coming up with creative stories to respond to such queries, both online and in person.

A few of her favorites include petting the stingrays at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, a beer bottle arm-severing incident at a bonfire, and a “Soul Surfer–style” shark attack.

Most importantly, she has found someone who loves and accepts her for who she is, which is what any person desires from a partner.

Hackett, Jr., age 62, died unexpectedly on Saturday, Dec. He enjoyed traveling, baking, cooking for others, camping, photography and riding with the NA40 Touring Riders. It never mattered if they were born to him, or children of friends. John is survived by partner, Alice Wright of Stanley, NY; his five children, Shirley (Sonny) Obrochta of Avoca, NY, Walter Baroody of Prattsburgh, NY, Darlene Dickenson of Mansfield, PA, Gerald Baroody of Rochester, NY, and Theresa (Ron) Long of Dundee, NY; 11 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; sister, Ruth (Ralph) Kilsdonk of Hammondsport, NY; and brother, Joseph (Janet) Baroody, of Bath, NY.

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