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If self-declaration of gender becomes law, any trans-identifying male prisoner will be able to obtain a GRC and will automatically become eligible for transfer to a women’s prison.

The women’s prison population represents just 5% of all prisoners in England and Wales.

This information is essential so that the impact of any changes to the GRA can be accurately risk-assessed.

We asked the prison service for more information about their trans-identifying male prisoner population by submitting Freedom of Information (FOI) requests (copies of submissions are here and here).

In other cases, the presence of a trans-identifying individual or group was mentioned.

In many cases, no information regarding trans-identifying inmates was mentioned at all.

We asked for information on the types of convictions and how many trans-identifying males were located in male or female prisons.

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Each prison is monitored by the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) and also has random spot checks conducted by HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP).

The proposed changes will remove these requirements and allow people to self-declare their own gender. They will then be given a GRC with which they can obtain a new birth certificate with their new legal sex category as male or female.

From this point on, they must be regarded as legally male or female.

The number or presence of trans-identifying inmates was not systematically reported in these prison reports.

In some cases, the number of trans-identifying inmates was given.

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