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Laci asked a friend to give Peterson her phone number; they began dating, and lived together until after Laci's graduation, when they were married.

Together they ran a successful restaurant in San Luis Obispo, but eventually sold it to return to their shared home town of Modesto.

The dead woman was not an entertainer, though, and neither was her husband and accused killer, Scott Peterson. As a girl, Laci was "always smiling and bubbly and talkative ...

usually the center of attention," said a childhood friend.

The question of whether Scott Peterson could be charged for murdering his unborn child, and whether the baby was born alive, led Congress to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (also called "Laci and Conner's Law").

Entertainment Tonight, though, doesn't usually send a reporter and camera crew.And what is to be made of the indications, however tentative, that somehow Conner could possibly have been born alive? 23, why did several witnesses report seeing her alive on the morning of Dec. Ever since Scott Peterson’s arrest on April 18, when state attorney general Bill Lockyer pronounced the case against Peterson a “slam dunk,” the prosecution has seemed confident. “Circumstantial cases can be very difficult to defend,” says one veteran L. The question is whether they will pulverize Peterson’s defense—or offer attorney Mark Geragos a chance to sow enough reasonable doubt to blow a breach in the prosecution’s wall of guilt. Although Laci’s body, which was found on April 14, was on the rocks, Conner’s body, which was discovered a day earlier, was found roughly 15 feet from the shoreline, near footprints and some tire marks, raising the possibility at least that someone or something had deposited him there separately.Many outside legal experts believe Stanislaus County D. James Brazelton lacks a smoking gun to convict Peterson, 30, but feel he can build a powerful case based mainly on circumstantial evidence, most notably motive and opportunity. THE CRIME SCENE From the start, prosecutors and their supporters emphasized the fact that the bodies of Laci and Conner had turned up in the same waters, San Francisco Bay, where Scott said he had taken his boat on Dec. What’s more, it seems clear that the defense intends to argue that investigators did not properly secure the crime scene around Conner’s remains, because no casts of the tire marks or footprints were ever made.But even that connection to a public issue has only been tangential, often not mentioned at all in the coverage of this matter.It doesn't explain Laci Peterson's posthumous fame.

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