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Not only is it something that will come back and bite you one day, from a purely selfish point of view it's also pointless, in that it's wasting money on bad sex that benefits nobody at all."2.

"I sleep with escorts when I travel for work"Sam, 28, a sales executive from London, says: "I think I've probably slept with around a dozen escort girls while I've been in the Far East.

I don't think there's really any moral element to it.

I know that these agencies treat the women well – they get to keep a big chunk of what they earn for themselves and, from talking to them, it seems the majority do it because it's easy hours and better money than they could earn elsewhere."I like the women to be intelligent and sophisticated as I'll be taking them to expensive places.

Although I find it easy to be their friend, I'm a red-blooded male so I often use social networking sites like Craig's List to find women who will have sex for money – my housemate is the only one who knows about it."I like to have a conversation and see a photo of them first, which I do online, and then we'll make a date where she'll come round to my house.

I usually have a bottle of wine waiting for them but usually they don't have any and just want to get on with it, which is fine by me."The women I've been with – and there have probably been between 12 and 15 over the last year or so – are usually pleasant, polite and seem eager for me to have a good time.

She was very, very upset about it and I had to move back in with my parents for a few days.

I used a condom – I thought it would be insane not to, and I didn't have a choice anyway.

With escort girls, it's pure short-term satisfaction and I like the total lack of emotional involvement and the fact that there is no deception. The fact that we don't know each other lets me experiment and have adventures in a way I'd be nervous to with a long term partner.

"When I decide to settle down with somebody I wouldn't ever tell them about these things.

We said we were going for the 'coffee shops' but I think we all knew beforehand that we'd also be keen to sleep with a prostitute while we were there.

So late on the Saturday night we all split up and wandered through the glass doorways which have women posing behind them.

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