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You can get a decent dash cam with GPS for around £70-100, but you'll pay more if you want extra features, and even more if you want a rear camera as well as front.

Typically* a cam kit will contain a cam / cams , cam followers , valve springs , a timing disc and cam installation lube .Generally referred to as the stage 2 of cam tuning this profile performs well when used in conjunction with other stage 2 tuning products such as free flow exhaust systems and remaps, giving a good torque and power increase in road cars.(Approx 270 ° duration) The BP285 cam is by nature designed for modified road / track day cars and as such may require additional parts and or light machining of the cylinder head and piston crowns.The GPS data syncs up with the video clips when played back in software bundled with the dash cam so you can watch the footage and see your location on a map.The G-sensor detects impacts and - usually - locks the recorded video to prevent it being deleted.

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