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There is also no way to set aperture while taking the photo.While aperture can be adjusted AFTER the photo is taken in post-processing, it cannot be recorded when the photo is taken. If you go out and take 250 photos that day, every one of those 250 photos that you want to control depth-of-field will require fine-tuning in Lumen, the desktop software, BEFORE you go into your regular photo workflow.I know what a good RAW file looks like, and this is simply not it.Pictures are sharp but feel somewhat artificially sharp.In theory, I would be able to leave my traditional cameras behind — today a Fuji Film X-T2, Leica Q and Sony RX100mk5 — and travel with just the Light L16.2 years and 1 day after I pre-ordered my camera, my Light L16 finally arrived.I find it amusing that Light’s marketing suggests you’re going to go biking with this thing in your back pocket. Certain things, such as zooming, are gesture-based, and others are embedded in on-screen controls. However, as you learn to live with the camera, in all its beta glory, the frustrations mount.These will require a bit of familiarity to master; however, at the end of the day, it works very much like a smartphone, and it’s easy to adapt to the interface. outdoor daylight) produce results that very good, and often excellent. Today, the output is sterile — less like a typical camera RAW image and more like a video shot in LOG format, a neutral image file that requires meaningful tone-mapping to be acceptable.

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Keep in mind, even if they nailed the detail edge-to-edge, the resolution is variable.

If you don’t touch focus, you don’t get a depth map on the right subject as well. It is unclear how many discrete AF points the L16 has, but touch-focus seems to have its fair share of misses.

Frankly, the L16 autofocus will have you begging for your smartphone camera.

I suspect some of this (such as dynamic range) will change dramatically and quickly over time with Light’s continuous updates, but today, it’s not where it needs to be.

Expect to spend some time in Lightroom if you want images that pop.

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