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Both Bergstein and Leiser are Boston-based dating coaches and matchmakers, and they work for the full-service matchmaking company Three Day Rule.

So who better to ask for love and dating advice than two women who dish it out on the daily?

But just walk your dog on a new route, go work or study in a different coffee shop, or try the new yoga studio that opened up.

You could have plans to meet, be standing out in the cold and rain waiting for two hours and it is somehow you who misunderstood their needs. The One Who Won't Be Hated I once dated a guy who was obsessed with over-explaining his actions.

Having that spark and attraction for your partner is important, but solid and happy relationships don’t necessarily have to start from there.

As Bergstein says, “My boyfriend and I met in high school.

Thankfully, Bergstein and Leiser gave Awesomeness TV some really great advice on the best ways to approach dating in your early 20s.

As you’ll quickly find out, it’s all about staying true to you. Consider potential dates who are slightly outside of your “type.” “There are many fantastic people in their 20s that are overlooked for lots of reasons, but one that comes up a lot is the fear of how that relationship will be seen or perceived by others,” Bergstein says. But if you don’t like it, find dates in a way that feels authentic to you!

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