Updating maps on tomtom go 920

Nobody likes to think of themselves as a thief, but copying occupies a “grey area” on most peoples moral compass.

They don’t for example see copying a CD as the same as mugging an old lady for her purse !

Perhaps also they travel for work and need to locate newer postcode areas, or find locations like B&Q, Homebase, Tesco, Sainsbury, Esso, ASDA or any other major retailer.

We accept that you may need some new maps, however before you start looking all over the internet and involve yourself in a lot of time and effort - we suggest you glance through this short and helpful article.

See our comments on this development later in this article.

This means that the only place to get a "free map" is to "steal a map".

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That's why its appears to be almost as expensive to update your old satnav maps as to buy a new satnav.

Its a deliberate ploy on behalf of satnav manufacturers.

However when a person "bricks” this tends to be done accidentally - normally whilst trying to upgrade, hack or unlock the device.

Satnav makers like tomtom put a lot of work into copy protecting maps and SD cards - things are not simple.

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